Environmental Policy (Revision XI)

Thailand Smelting and Refining Co., Ltd.

The Company’s policy is committed to conduct its activities in a manner which helps the conservation of the environment, protects and prevents or minimises environmental impacts arising from the production process.

In support of this policy the Company shall :-

1. Comply with the requirements of all relevant legislation.
2. Discharge to the best of its ability its duty of care for the environment in such a way as to withstand scrutiny from the public and other interested parties.
3. Maintain and continuously improve pollution control systems in order to proactively reduce emissions to the environment and, where possible, include the use of sustainable resources.
4. Provide education and training on environmental matters to its employees and contractors to raise their awareness of the environmental impacts of the Company’s activities. Through this education and training programme the Company aims to improve the skill and competence of its employees as they strive to preserve and improve the environment in which they operate.
5. Encourage employees and contractors to recycle all waste materials wherever practical.
6. Include an assessment of potential environmental impacts in the factors to be considered, before embarking on new business ventures or activities.
7. Continue to administer the business to meet all of the requirement of ISO 14001 : (Updated version).

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