Code Of Conduct (Revision II)

Thailand Smelting and Refining Co., Ltd.

Code of Conduct Reports

International Tin Association (ITA) Code of Conduct company reports highlight the activities of leading members of the tin industry which contribute to matters such as good governance, environmental performance, health and safety, community relations and protection of human rights.
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Code Of Conduct (Revision II)

1. To trade in an ethical manner and strive to achieve industry best practice in everything we do, and recognize that integrity should be the foundation of all our actions. We have a Register of Interest (RoI) ensure transparency and to protect both employees and the company against issues with bribery.
2. To ensure through due diligence that the Company does not purchase tin minerals and other raw materials from sources which support armed conflict and/or human rights abuses or exploit child labour. We have a Supply Chain Policy covering our due diligence on supplies and are a certified Conflict Free Smelter, this subject to third party audit.
3. To strive to promote and improve the standards, image and reputation of Thaisarco as a world leading smelter, refiner and value added to tin.
4. To provide the highest level of service and best quality tin products to our customers.
5. To provide safe and healthy working conditions for our employees, contractors and visitors. This is backed by specific Safety Policy and Environmental Policy.
6. To be an equal opportunity employer as allowed under the laws of Thailand, recognizing all relevant labour laws and trades union legislation. Human Resource management, training and development of our employees is in accordance with ISO9001 and subject to third party audit.
7. To uphold the concepts of free enterprise and to acknowledge the importance of the social contracts with the communities in which we operate. We operate a Community Relations Committee, staffed by both members of the local community and the company and backed by a Community Relations Policy.
8. To act in accordance with current legislation in relation to sourcing of raw materials and the operation of our smelter and refinery and to achieve industry best practice in environmental performance, and subject to third party audit. Sourcing raw materials appropriately is governed by our Supply Chain Policy. Energy usage, environmental performance and pollution control is managed in accordance with ISO14001. Both the Supply Chain Policy and the ISO certification are subject to third party audit.
9. To engage and cooperate with and support all stakeholders in our business in an effort to prevent unlawful practices. This is again supported by the Register of Interests.
10. To supply all products in accordance with accepted international standards, and subject to audit where relevant.
11. To earn the respect of our customers, suppliers, industry peers and all other stakeholders as a responsible and ethical member of the international tin community, recognizing the human rights of all involved, again as evidenced by our Supply Chain Policy.

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